Artisan Wedding & Occasion Cakes

We are passionate people who love to bring happiness through baking. We love using the best high-quality ingredients and best cooking techniques to create our home-made products. We want to be part of your memories with our gourmet taste and trendy design.



Dulces Feast is more than a cake business, it is a genuine interpretation of love revealed in a cake. The first time Yasmin, the owner, created a cake for my family it was for my 15th-year-old daughter, this a dream cake that not only paired the beauty of my teenage girl but also warmed the hearts of my family and our guests.

After this event, Yasmin has been creating many more cakes and other pastries for us, her creations always make our dreams come true, basically everything we hoped for…and more. Yasmin, the owner, is a care loving person, professional, and punctual with deliveries.

Dulces Feasts is not only a business, they become an integral part of your planning to ensure the perfect party or occasion is delivered for the enjoyment of your family and your guests!

All Dulces Feasts creations are extremely beautiful on the outside and so delicious on the inside beyond imagination, including that priceless homemade touch!

My family, our guests and friends are definitely becoming repeat customers for many years to come.

Congratulations to Yasmin and her Dulces Feasts business!!